The Cambridge Science Festival welcomes 100,000 curious adults and families across ten days with cool, hands-on events and opportunities to meet incredible scientists and researchers in our community. We need you to help make it possible! Apply today to host an event, join the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo, or volunteer a few hours of your time.

Join our incredible community of supporters! We are 100% funded by our sponsors. Participating for-profit companies are expected to support the Cambridge Science Festival.

Host a Festival Event

From lab tours and cutting-edge cancer research to the science of cocktails, Cambridge Science Festival is all about connecting scientists with the public to spark curiosity and share exciting local research.

While topics range from nano technology to the science of baseball,  CSF events all offer hands-on, engaging ways to learn.

Accepted events will be added to the online program on a rolling basis.

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Present a Science Carnival Booth

Join the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo!

On Saturday, April 13,  over 100 groups offer fun, hands-on STEAM activities. This free annual event welcomes approximately 10,000 people to make liquid nitrogen ice cream, steer robots, mix slime, test lab equipment, try out VR and much more! What will you offer?

The Science Carnival is currently full and running a waitlist. Apply to join the waitlist


We couldn’t run the Festival without the enthusiasm and hard work of hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

Please volunteer for a few hours or a few events—whatever works with your schedule. We’ll do our best to match your interest and availability with our needs. Thanks!!

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