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Science on the Street New Bedford

Science on the Street – August Recap

August was an incredibly busy month for Science on the Street! Just to name a few of the places we visited: New Bedford, Chelsea, Boston, and Leominster! I spent more time on the road than I did in the office. Just a few of the highlights: Portuguese Feast (Feast of the Blessed Sacrament), New Bedford The Portuguese Feast bills itself as the largest Portuguese Feast in the world, and this was their 103rd annual celebration. Science on the Street was there with some wonderful volunteers from Bristol Community College. Thanks to Ben for taking photographs!  Boston Greenest, Boston City Hall Plaza Boston Greenest is a three day event on City Hall Plaza & Faneuil Hall. This was their 10th year and wanted to go all out in making it even bigger this year. Again, we had some great collaborators coming out under the CSF banner, including groups from Harvard, MIT, and… Read More

SciStreet: Mystery Tube

If you joined us at today’s Harvard Chocolate Festival, then you might have seen us walking around with some mysterious white tubes. We challenged you to figure out how they worked — in case you didn’t get it, or want to make your own, here’s how they were put together! No matter which string you pull, it causes all of the other strings to shorten so that only one string is long. Here’s the secret: On the inside, the two strings are loosely looped together. It’s important to note that they’re not tied in any way. The same effect can be done by threading the two strings through a washer. The washer must be left free-floating and not secured to either string. There’s an excellent set of instructions available at this Berkeley site.

SciStreet: Augmented Reality Sandbox

Science on the Street’s Augmented Reality Sandbox is an adaptation of the original sandbox designed at UC Davis. SciStreet created this version of the sandbox to be portable and adaptable to many different locations. The sandbox runs off a projector, an XBox Kinect, and a laptop running the projection software. As visitors push the sand around, the topographic map updates in real time, allowing them to witness the effects of their actions. The sandbox displays a number of different properties and can be used to discuss various geographic concepts. It has a color-coded elevation map: white for the highest elevation and blue for the lowest. There are topographic contour lines which match the elevation map. It even has a feature to simulate rainfall, by holding your hand above the the sand. Whether you’re learning about how to read topographic maps, water flow, or watersheds, the AR Sandbox is an excellent… Read More

CSF Call for Entries & New SciStreet Van!

The deadline for submitting entries for next April’s  Cambridge Science Festival is December 6th!!  Submit a proposal to run a program or host an event to be included in the festival, which will run days, nights & weekends from April 18 through April 27, 2014. We are looking for ideas that celebrate science, technology, engineering, art, and math in ways that combine spirit, interactivity and audience appeal. The festival will be held during public school vacation week and everyone is welcome! Click here to submit!!!   New Van! Science on the Street just got a new van to aid our efforts taking engaging science activities and demonstrations state-wide throughout the year! Look for the van at a community event or after school program near you! If you are interested in having Science on the Street visit you, email cambridgescifest@gmail.com If your organization is interested in joining Science on the Street… Read More

Science on the Street, BSA, and Upcoming Events!

Over Columbus Day weekend SciStreet visited the Massachusetts Boy Scouts Jamboree at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds. Over 7,000 scouts and staff from all over New England were challenged with energy and design activities! Among the challenges were powering a small radio with a battery made out of fruits and vegetables. Groups of scouts experimented with series and parallel circuits, and one group used a total of 8 potatoes and apples to get almost 12 Volts out of the system! Scouts build a battery out of apples, lemons and potatoes!   Starting to string things together in series to increase the voltage.  Here are some simple instructions on how to build your own fruit & veggie battery. Groups also tried out the Marshmallow Challenge. Using just 20 strands of spaghetti, 1 meter of masking tape, and 1 meter of string, teams must build the tallest free-standing structure that can hold the… Read More

Science on the Street heads to Worcester stART!

This past Sunday Science on the Street teamed up with the Worcester Think Tank and the Art+Bio Collaborative to bring engaging science activities to the Worcester stART on the Street community event. The event was filled with vendors displaying their artistic creations. Art+Bio Collaborative and Worcester Think Tank blended the lines of art and science with their interactive displays and activities, while Science on the Street staff and volunteers guided children of all ages through the design of paper rockets and launched them hundreds of feet into the air! See if you can make out the rocket just taking off in the first picture below. For information on upcoming events where you can find Science on the Street, check out the Events page on the Cambridge Science Festival’s website under the Science on the Street heading. Speaking of the Cambridge Science Festival, mark your calendars now for next years event… Read More

Science on the Street

Hello All, The summer is in full swing and the Cambridge Science Festival (CSF) team has had some time to relax after a successful festival this past April. My name is Jesse Billingham, and last week I joined the CSF team as the new coordinator for the Science on the Street program (SciStreet). SciStreet is the mobile arm of the CSF that aims to bring engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) activities, exercises and demonstrations to community and cultural events throughout Massachusetts, year-round. I am excited to work with a great team! This past Monday the SciStreet team was fortunate to participate in Camp Miracles and Magic. This week-long camp invites children from across the region who were born with HIV to a fun and welcoming place. On Monday the campers were able to explore a variety of engaging science activities including building paper rockets, kites, helicopters, and… Read More

Science on the Street… so far

Hey folks!  It’s been a long time since our last update on festival happenings, so I figured I’d give you all an overview of our busy busy summer! As many of you may have read in previous posts, we have started a new initiative here at the Cambridge Science Festival called Science on the Street. Through Science on the Street, we have had a chance to take some of the best elements of the science festival out into communities across the state throughout the rest of the year (when we’re not holding a humongous science festival in the Cambridge-Boston area).  So far this year we’ve been to a Science Day for a pediatric AIDS camp, a Caribbean festival, an arts festival, a Boston Public School Orientation for rising 6th graders, a Red Sox game, and more.  It’s been crazy busy, a ton of fun, and a great learning experience for… Read More

Science on the Street (SciStreet)

We’re breathing easier here at the Cambridge Science Festival office.  But we’re about to take a deep breath to dive into Science on the Street. What is SciStreet, you ask?  Well, it’s our new initiative to reach more people – especially folks who wouldn’t normally glance twice at a Science Festival event – in places where they are not expecting us.  We want to take the fun (and sometimes quirky) science activities, wows, demonstrations, and more into other community and cultural festivals.  We dipped our toes into the water for this effort last year at various community events (which were awesome – see below). These girls had just made some paper helicopters at Cambridge Carnival 2011. And now we’ve got a full calendar ahead for this summer and fall. We’re going to the Boston Public Schools Middle O – orientation for rising 6th graders at Fenway Park, Northeastern’s Science Sunday,… Read More