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Physics Demos @ MIT

Image Credits: TSG@MIT Physics Homepage TechTV

The “Coolest” Way to Make Ice Cream

What is the secret to delicious and quick homemade ice cream? Liquid nitrogen. Don’t believe me? Stop by the Cambridge Public Library between noon and 4pm on Saturday April 24–the Science Carnival is hosting an event called “Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Making!” where YOU not only get to witness the amazing spectacle of making liquid nitrogen ice cream, but also get to consume the delicious final product. It’s a pretty cool looking process. Here’s a photo from the first time I made liquid nitrogen ice cream: Nitrogen is readily found in our atmosphere, but only in its gaseous state (incidentally, nitrogen gas makes up 70% of our atmosphere). Liquid nitrogen, on the other hands, does not occur naturally on Earth. Liquid nitrogen only exists under super-cold conditions. I’m talking -321°F cold, way colder than any place on Earth. By comparison, room temperature is around 70°F, and the coldest recorded air… Read More