August was an incredibly busy month for Science on the Street! Just to name a few of the places we visited: New Bedford, Chelsea, Boston, and Leominster! I spent more time on the road than I did in the office. Just a few of the highlights:

Portuguese Feast (Feast of the Blessed Sacrament), New Bedford

The Portuguese Feast bills itself as the largest Portuguese Feast in the world, and this was their 103rd annual celebration. Science on the Street was there with some wonderful volunteers from Bristol Community College.

Thanks to Ben for taking photographs! 

Science on the Street New Bedford Science on the Street New Bedford

Boston Greenest, Boston City Hall Plaza

Boston Greenest is a three day event on City Hall Plaza & Faneuil Hall. This was their 10th year and wanted to go all out in making it even bigger this year. Again, we had some great collaborators coming out under the CSF banner, including groups from Harvard, MIT, and NOVA from WGBH.

Science on the Street Boston Greenfest

Activity Highlight

In case you’re looking for a fun activity to do, try this one – DNA extraction from a strawberry! Using household materials (dish soap and alcohol), you can pull out the DNA from a strawberry. It’s a great way to visualize something we mostly only see in diagrams.

DNA Extraction

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