Congratulations to the 2017 Curiosity Challenge Winners!
Abigail Glover How Do Birds Learn to Fly? Age 11
Addie Ehrbar Why Do Guitars Have 22 Frets? Age 12
Agnes Shales Dream Age 11
Alaa Zad How Do Guide Dogs Know Where To Go? Age 8
Alexander Vecchioli Can We Harness Light for Space Travel? Age 11
Alice Garmarnik Why Do We Have Fear? Age 12
Alyssa Holton Will People Live on Other Planets? Age 8
Amiel Potashman Why Is the Sun Super Hot? Age 9
Anaya Raikar How Do Radioactive Waves Harm You? Age 9
Ani Ghonyan Why Does a Snail Live Under the Sea? Age 7
Anissa Kun Why Do Fingers Get Wrinkly in Water? Age 8
Ashmita Prajapati Our Brain When We Sleep Age 10
Athamar Pierre How Much Weight Can a Bridge Support? Age 10
Austin Yang How Do Elements Form? Age 9
Ava Grace Uhrig Animals in the Mirror Age 10
Avalon Hart How Do Glasses Work? Age 14
Avery Brown What If the Sea Dried Up? Age 10
Avery Dolins How Do Animals Form Relationships? Age 11
Avery Laramee How Do Feathers Help Birds Fly? Age 10
Bella Massa Why Don’t Animals Talk? Age 10
Benita Zokory Feelings Age 7
Betel Zewude Can I Create a Recycling Machine? Age 9
Bilal Ybria Why Do Some Fish Have Soft Bones? Age 7
Bobby Conefrey Why Do Birds Fly South In Winter? Age 13
Bruno Silva Why Do Skunks Spray? Age 7
Camille Cranston What Is In the White House? Age 8
Carly Gladstein How Do People Program Games? Age 9
Carly McMahon Why Am I Me? Age 12
Catherine Irvine Why Does An Elephant Have a Trunk? Age 7
Chloe Brown Things in Our Head Age 9
Christopher Vallejos How Does the V-Formation Work? Age 11
Dante Howard My Wonders of the World Age 9
Dominic Coulter How Do Termites Bite Through Wood? Age 7
Elizabeth Kalish What Causes Hiccups? Age 9
Emalis Villafane How Were Dinosaurs Created? Age 8
Emma Drago How Do Self-Driving Cars Work? Age 9
Emma St. Arnaud How Is a Pencil Made? Age 7
Ethan Oh What Does Water Taste Like? Age 9
Evan Connery How Does Our Hair Grow? Age 10
Georgia Saltonstall Isaac Curious About the Size of Planets Age 10
Gizelly Sepulveda How Do You Make Frosting Pink? Age 7
Graham Liporto Who Was The First Person On Earth? Age 7
Ha-Yen Nguyen What Makes Us Human? Age 11
Hannah Ono What Was Before The Big Bang? Age 12
Hanzo Valentin Why Is There Sand In Africa? Age 8
Harshini Pathivada Why Do We See The Moon During the Day? Age 11
Ian Dresser Why Can’t We Feel the Earth Spinning? Age 12
Jack Welch How Will Technology Change the Way We Learn? Age 9
Jayden Argarwala Why Are Rabbits Tails Shaped Like a Pom-Pom? Age 6
Jenna Elliot How Can We Change the World? Age 13
Johanna Holmes Why Did Life on Earth Begin in the Ocean? Age 12
Julia Rapoza How Do Cacti Live With Very Little Water? Age 10
Justice Zukowski How Does a Piece of Glass Fix Your Vision? Age 9
Kailyn Durham How Do Trees Make Healthy Oxygen? Age 9
Karim Shaban How Does Technology Affect Our Brain? Age 10
Kaysha Faria Why is Breakfast the Most Important Meal? Age 10
Kenza Doukkali Why Do Cheetahs Run Fast? Age 6
Kyandra Dorleans What Causes Oobleck to React Like a Solid? Age 12
Labiba Zafar I Am Curious About Forest Life Age 7
Labonna Dey What is Puppy Fur Made Of? Age 10
Lexie Smith Why Do Blackholes Drop Into a Singularity? Age 9
Liam Lambert Curious About Bacteria Age 13
Liana Bourque What Makes a Ball Bounce? Age 5
Livia Errico How Many Species of Ancient Fish Were Alive? Age 12
Louisa Rossano How Do Fish Lay Their Eggs? Age 10
Luke Hagopian What Color Is a Mirror? Age 11
Luke Jordan How Do Lions Roar? Age 6
Maddie Troiano If the Sun Burned Out? Age 12
Marcia Cardoso Next Stage of Human Evolution Age 12
Mariah Goodstein Undiscovered Marine Life Age 11
Marissa Sabella Is There Life Beyond Our Galaxy? Age 11
Matthew Mahoney Curious About Inventions Age 7
Meckenzie Boylan Curious About the Braintree Landfill Age 13
Michael Giambusso Curious About Our Sense of Smell Age 12
Mikayla von Ehrenkrook Why Music Makes Us Feel Emotions Age 13
Mithila Das What Makes a Persons Hair Different? Age 5
Mujadid Elamin Can Microchips Boost a Person’s Immune System? Age 13
Nael Burke The Future? Age 11
Naomie Lenteu Why Do Tigers Live in Africa? Age 6
Natty Kaoma How the Nervous System Works Age 10
Nicole Esteban Zuniga Why Is Your Vein Blue? Age 11
Nikhil Kathiresan Curious About Gravity Age 12
Niko Tiglianidis How Come There is No Gravity in Space? Age 8
Nithiya Mark Why Don’t Self-Driving Cars Crash? Age 10
O’Mari Marshall Why Does Jupiter Have a Red Spot? Age 8
Olivia Bosse What Are Eyes Made Of? Age 11
Olivia D’Intinosanto How Does It Turn From Day to Night? Age 6
Olivia Moylan Why Does Your Mouth Move When Talking? Age 8
Phoenix Peltier Why Do Leaves Change Color? Age 13
Pranav Anisingaraju Curious Scienctist Age 9
Rebecca Drane How Do You Make Clouds? Age 6
Robert Perkins Splitting Atoms Age 13
Rory Flynn Why Are Yawns Contagious? Age 13
Ruby Woodward How Do Jellyfish Live Without Brains? Age 12
Ryan King Robots Age 9
Ryan Mahmoud How Do Things Explode? Age 7
Ryan Reynolds Why Do SnappingTurtles Have Lines? Age 7
Ryan Sarney How Do Animals Predict the Weather? Age 11
Samantha Fleming Why Are People Deaf? Age 12
Samin Nihad What Causes the Northern Lights? Age 12
Santiago Gonzalez-Zepeda How Do People Make Glass? Age 6
Sarah Radner Do Animals Have the Same Thoughts As Us? Age 9
Sebastien Valentini How Does Cell Regeneration Work? Age 12
Sienna Gunther How Do You Control Horses? Age 5
Sofia Echaniz What is Thought? Age 12
Stephane Raymond How Many Ants Are In the World? Age 8
Stephen Montaque Curious About Catfish Age 9
Sydney Little In The Fantastic Future Age 10
Sydney Roberts What Does the Earth Look Like From Outerspace? Age 7
Tanya Shukla Where Does Lava Come From? Age 6
Te’Mya Polk How Does Wind Power Work? Age 9
Timothy Alexander Why Are Planet Spheres? Age 9
Timothy Villanueva Figueroa What Is At the Bottom of the Ocean? Age 10
Tommy Stafford Why Do We Have Phobias and Fears? Age 13
Tre Turner How Many Earths Can Fit Inside the Sun? Age 9
Tuana Ayturk Koala Haiku Age 8
Vivianna Aranda Curious About Elephants Age 6
Vladimir O’Connell How Fast Can Dolphins Swim? Age 9
Wes Vivar How Are Molecules So Small? Age 7
Zhahira Crawford How Do Trees Give Us Oxygen? Age 7
Zijian Rong Curious About Planets Age 6