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Stories Under the Stars

stories2Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend Stories Under the Stars, an event hosted by NOVA’s Ari Daniel and co-produced by Ari and the Museum of Science. It took place in the Charles Hayden Planetarium, where we became completely immersed in the dome of visuals.

The theme of the show was “Light in the Dark” and this theme was taken both metaphorically and literally. What followed was an hour of story telling, live music, and phenomenal visual graphics.


Ari managed to seamlessly integrate his storytelling and radio clips, so it felt as if he was having the conversation right there in front of you — despite half of it being pre-recorded. These stories certainly had elements of science, but they were also deeply human stories. Everything from the first light in the universe to the light of a candle on the counter were ways to think about and pursue our humanity.


During this night of live storytelling, radio, and music, you’ll hear true stories exploring the theme of “Light in the Dark,” all unfolding beneath the canopy of our cosmos. Join our search for light from the outer reaches of our universe to the inner reaches of the human heart.

Ari also had along other storytellers: Amal Rahmeh a microbiologist at the Harvard Medical school and Hazel Sive a professor in MIT’s biology department and a member of the Whitehead Institute. Their stories too were moving. Both their stories focused heavily on memories. They spoke of childhood memories that stayed with them long into the future and how those memories changed, how they brought them both joy and sadness, and how they were tied to the light.

Stories Under the Stars was originally produced for the 2016 Cambridge Science Festival. If you’re interested in joining the Stories Under the Stars email list to be notified about upcoming shows, you can do that here.

Cathleen is the Science on the Street coordinator at the Cambridge Science Festival.

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