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Pre-register for Cambridge Science Festival Events!

Not sure where to start on our 2014 Schedule of Events?

Look through these events that require pre-registration and reserve your spot today!

Events that suggest or require pre-registration, or are selling advance tickets:


For Families

  • Science en Español with Pine Village Preschool  | RSVP
  • Introduction to Robotics with LEGO (Week-long Class) | Register (Discount code CSF2014)
  • Introduction to CAD for 3D Printing (Week-long Class) | Register (Discount code CSF2014)
  • Flower Watch: Become a Citizen Scientist with the Appalachian Mountain Club (Groton) | RSVP
  • Frank & Me: Architecture for Ages 3-5 | Pre-register
  • The Wonderful World of Stem Cells | Pre-register
  • Flower Watch: Become a Citizen Scientist with the Appalachian Mountain Club (Belmont) | RSVP
  • Flower Watch: Become a Citizen Scientist with the Appalachian Mountain Club (Sudbury) | RSVP
  • Wish Upon a Stellated Dodecahedron | Pre-register
  • The Science of Baseball | Buy tickets

For Teens

  • Serve & Grow with the Food Project | Register
  • Microsoft Store Workshops 1-3pm | Register
    • Digital Movie Madness | Digital Art Smarts | Game Masters | MineCraft
  • Intro to Web Development for Girls & Moms (or Aunts, Grandmas, Big Sisters, etc.) | Pre-register
  • The Science of Jello | Pre-register
  • Girls STEM Summit-East | Buy tickets
  • Across MIT, Wednesday 4/23
    • Walking Tour of MIT’s Nuclear Research Reactor | RSVP
    • Discover International Development and Design with D-Lab | RSVP
    • Tour of Electrical Engineering& Computer Science Department’s Educational Labs | Pre-register
    • Bio Flash Mob 3: Immune Cells Fight Cancer | Pre-register
    • Science Trivia Challenge | Register a team
    • Nano-Observatory | Pre-register

For Adults

  • SILA | Buy tickets
  • Design Challenge: Autonomous Fighting Robots | Register
  • Big Ideas for Busy People | Buy tickets
  • High Voltage Analog Photography| Pre-register
  • Science of the Modern Cocktail | Pre-register
  • Berklee’s Jazz Composition Symposium | Register
    • Vijay Iyer: Embodied Cognition in Music
    • Planet MicroJam Ensemble
    • Microtonal Research with Dave Fiuczynski
  • The Balance of Nature: Ecology’s Enduring Myth | Pre-register
  • Alternative Careers in Science: A Speed Networking Event | Buy tickets
  • High-speed photography – From Edgerton to Oefner | Pre-register
  • Draper Prize Lecture | Pre-register
  • The Race for Spring: How Climate Change Alters Plant Communities | Pre-register
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in One Act with Clover Food Lab, Mystic Brewery, and Backyard Farms | Pre-register
  • Sustainability unConference | Pre-register

For Educators

Pre-register for these events at the MIT Museum through their website (opens March 24): http://web.mit.edu/museum/programs/festival.html

  • Robotics Engineering: Programming LEGO Mindstorms
  • Attack of the RoboMonkeys!
  • Gaming the Virtual World Presented by the Education Arcade
  • Visualizing Science
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Slide Rules
  • Nautical Engineering: Fish ‘n’ Ships
  • Hello Holography!

Need to know more about the event?  Find these and all festival events and their details through the Event Index.

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