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Curiosity Challenge: How does a digital camera take and save photos?

Via www.udemy.com “I am curious how pictures are taken and saved.”  –Jameson Gannon, 14 It’s hard to imagine a world without digital cameras.  While some die-hard photographers still insist that old-fashioned chemically-reactive film produces better photographs, it’s hard to argue against digital cameras’ ease of use and convenience.  Turning that gorgeous sunset or that sumptuous-looking meal that your eyes see into a picture file to share with your friends?  It’s a pretty remarkable feat!  It also takes more steps than you’d expect. Your Selfie is Made of Electrons To break this process down, let’s think about what makes an “image” to begin with.   Grass is green because it reflects the green wavelength of light.  Via Okidata.com. Visible light waves are hitting objects, the object’s electrons are absorbing some light frequencies and reflecting others, and these reflected light waves are interpreted by our eyes (or our cameras) as different colors based… Read More