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Curiosity Challenge: The Amazing Adaptations of Plants Through the Years

Via TerryGardens.com. Plants are an essential part of life on Earth: even if an animal doesn’t eat plants directly, it certainly relies on them in some other way.  For example, a wolf might not eat grass, but it hunts animals that do, takes shelter in the trees of the forest, and breathes the oxygen that plants have released.  How did plants become such a staple of our existence?  The same reason why every living thing is the way it is: they have evolved that way. Charles Darwin, famous for the theory of evolution. Via Simple Capacity. You’ve probably heard of Charles Darwin, a famous scientist.  Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection is what most scientists study to answer questions about how plants and animals have changed over time–and how we can answer your question about the very first plants.  In nature, certain traits make some organisms more successful than others, allowing them… Read More