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Music at the Cambridge Science Festival!

Hello, Everyone! My name is Shantasia Jones and I am currently a senior at the Community Charter School of Cambridge. I am currently interning with the Cambridge Science Festival. I find what they do here absolutely astounding because I get to see the different functions of the MIT Museum and how the festival operates. I am truly grateful to have this opportunity of interning at the Cambridge Science Festival because I know that science is all around us on our journey of everyday life, and to learn more about it makes me so excited. One of my personal passions is music – What is the purpose of music? What does it mean for us? What does it mean for the listeners, the audience? As for me, I always listen to music whether I’m doing my homework, on the train, or even doing laundry. Music creates a mood. It gives you… Read More

Sound practice for songwriting

by Eric Bender We might picture songwriters at work sitting at a piano or holding a guitar, but more and more artists who work with musical technology are inspired by sounds, says Michael Bierlyo, Chair of Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College of Music. “You can think of someone like Björk, who is fascinated by sounds and uses that as a gateway to create songs,” he says. You also might think of Nona Hendryx, an internationally famous singer whose career began with the Bluebelles, who had a hit with “I Sold My Heart to the Junkman” in 1962. Hendryx’s extraordinary career as songwriter and performer is still going strong, and she is still experimenting with the latest music technologies. “Nona is totally hooked up with technology, with writing music with computers,” says Bierylo. “She is the technology diva.” Hendryx coaches and collaborates with Berklee students, and she will join… Read More