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Curiosity Challenge: What would happen if we could see Carbon Dioxide?

  Great question, Alex. Each time you exhaled, you would notice a little puff of CO 2 leaving your lungs, a byproduct of your body using the energy from your breakfast to fuel your day. There would be seasonal changes, too. Forests, grasslands, and soils would be sucking in CO 2 during the summer, and then puffing out CO 2 during the winter. The oceans would also have their own seasonal pulses of CO 2 into or out of the water. This time of year, as trees begin to drop leaves and to use those sugars they’ve stored up for a long winter, you might see a halo of CO 2 being released. These are natural emissions, and eventually the carbon in that CO 2 will end up being taken up by plants and algae and will once again enter food webs, perhaps into the plants or animals that will one day end up… Read More