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The (Science) Monster Mash!

By Paola Salazar       Want to do more than just trick or treat this year? How about making some gooey, weird, possibly tasty experiments that will give you some goodies to show off during Halloween weekend?   If you’re interested, look no further! We scoured the world for some of the best creepy crawlies, smushy witches (that’s right), and a few more activities that you and your family can do to have fun this weekend while still learning the science behind them.   1. Glow in the Dark Drinks & Ice:  If your family is hosting a Halloween party, did they buy a blacklight? Do you just have a blacklight at home because you’re cool like that? Well get ready to be cooler–with glow in the dark drinks.    If you use it for the punch bowl, you can even add other accessories to the bowl for extra… Read More