265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139 csf@cambridgesciencefestival.org

Participate in CSF 2017

Hey, come join us! There’s a lot of really cool science out there and it’s time we celebrate the good stuff! 

Cambridge Science Festival. The Cambridge Science Festival runs 10 days from April 14th-23rd. We’re looking for proposals for lectures, performances, activities, exhibits, tours, debates, workshops, or creative new ideas we’ve never imagined that will happen in the Greater Boston area during those days. Ready to run an event? Pitch us your idea!

Science Carnival and Robot Zoo. The Science Carnival and Robot Zoo is Saturday April 15th. This is our largest single event – over 15,000 visitors! We’re looking for fun, hands-on activities that can be presented well at a booth amongst our carnival atmosphere. Tell us what you’d like to demonstrate at the Science Carnival. Submit a proposal for the Carnival and Robot Zoo.

We look for events that offer audience appeal and technical feasibility while we also consider site availability and funding. You are encouraged to involve community organizations in the planning and production of your events so that we can make sure as much of the community is involved in and benefits from the festival as possible.