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Stories Under the Stars

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend Stories Under the Stars, an event hosted by NOVA’s Ari Daniel and co-produced by Ari and the Museum of Science. It took place in the Charles Hayden Planetarium, where we became completely immersed in the dome of visuals. The theme of the show was “Light in the Dark” and this theme was taken both metaphorically and literally. What followed was an hour of story telling, live music, and phenomenal visual graphics. Ari managed to seamlessly integrate his storytelling and radio clips, so it felt as if he was having the conversation right there in front of you — despite half of it being pre-recorded. These stories certainly had elements of science, but they were also deeply human stories. Everything from the first light in the universe to the light of a candle on the counter were ways to think about and pursue our humanity…. Read More

A Letter to the 18+ STEAM Aficionados:

by Paola Salazar     PC: The Franklin Institute, Adults-Only Event guests   Please let it be known that you have not been forgotten! We have a lot of great events lined up for our more mature members in the CSF community. In fact, we’ve rounded up a couple of favorite events just for you! I mean really, who ever said we were too old to find STEAM fun? Science & The Arts improvscience LIvE: Behind the Lab Coat, at Taco Night, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Monday April 18th Once (Cuisine en Locale), 156 Highland Ave, Somerville. Free! While it may not be the first topic that comes to mind, science happens to be a great subject for improv, as per improvscience. Come join us and enjoy the Cuisine en Locale menu and some performances about what it’s like to be a scientist—from academics and beyond! Others: Listen to some musical… Read More

Get Outside with the CSF! Nature Events for All Ages

As the weather gets warmer and the year’s first flowers peep out of the ground, most of us who work and study inside find ourselves increasingly distracted by the sunny precursors to spring we glimpse on the other side of our windows.  Fortunately, the Cambridge Science Festival features several activities to help us get outside, soak up some of those sunbeams, and learn about the natural world that encompasses the Boston area! Friday, April 15th Sidewalk Astronomy, 8:00pm – 10:30pm The natural world can be observed even in the middle of the city… if you know how and where to look. Join the star enthusiasts of Boston Astronomy to take a look at Jupiter, star clusters, and the moon–right in the middle of Harvard Square! Meet at Deguglielmo Plaza, Harvard Square, in front of 27 Brattle Street, Cambridge Check for weather cancellations and updates at www.bostonastronomy.net.  Free!   A telescope… Read More

Don’t Forget to Pre-Register for Science Festival Programs!

We have more than 170 events lined up for April 15 – 24 this year!  Many of these events need notice that you’re going to attend. Take a look at the list below for all the festival programs that require pre-registration, tickets, or request an RSVP. Don’t miss the School Vacation Programs category as well! (Please note: MIT Museum workshops open registration on March 28.) Programs with pre-registration or tickets Science Trivia: Einstein, Acronyms, Astronomy Free. Ages 21+. Please register at: http://bit.ly/1miO0JC Big Ideas for Busy People $10. Purchase tickets at bigideascsf2016.eventbrite.com Mycology in the Forest: All the Fungi You’ve Never Seen Free. Ages 10+. Pre-registration required at mycology.eventbrite.com Science Club for Girls Media Team Film Screening Free. RSVP at http://bit.ly/SCFGMedia417 Science Writing Workshop: Stealing from Fiction’s Toolkit $10. Ages 18+. Pre-registration required at web.mit.edu/museum/programs/festival.html Art + Science of Beer Free. Ages 21+. Please RSVP at http://tinyurl.com/CSFbeer16 Land of the Giants… Read More

MIT’s 2016 Celebrations: a Century of Calling Cambridge “Home”!

by E. Rosser Killian Court, courtesy of web.mit.edu. (Can you see why it’s the Institvte?) For a century’s worth of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Instivte (as they like to call their school–take a look at the famous inscription in Killian Court, and you’ll see why!) has considered Cambridge “home.”  It’s hard to imagine that one hundred years ago, MIT went by the nickname “Boston Tech,” rubbing elbows with Trinity Church and Boston’s Copley Square.  When the promising technical school started to outgrow its city dwellings, however, then-President Richard Cockburn MacLaurin, the MIT Corporation, and their few but fervent supporters began looking for a fresh start, finally deciding to erect their new campus on the open plots of Cambridge. A Souvenir Program from the 1916 dedication, courtesy of the MIT Archives After an impressive architectural race to erect the “New Tech,” the heart of the new campus was ready… Read More

TENacious Engineering: Celebrating TEN Years of the Cambridge Science Festival

By Marybeth Martello, Ph.D. TEN years ago, in the Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council chambers, a whimsical, Rube Goldberg-inspired chain reaction launched the first Cambridge Science Festival. The MIT students who built the intricate machine stayed true to the well-known, playful humor of MITers; they used an oversized red sneaker to perform the Festival “kick off.” Since 2007, the Festival has carried forth the spirit and creativity of that first chain reaction. In fact, the Festival is a chain reaction. Through community building and public outreach, the Festival has triggered a decade of interest, excitement, and fun around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). The ripple effects of its growing programs have steadily extended the Festival’s geographic boundaries. While still thriving in Cambridge, the Festival now touches communities across the Commonwealth. TENacious Engineering is a project to celebrate the Festival’s TENth Anniversary. Inspired by the first kick-off, TEN teams, spanning… Read More

Music at the Cambridge Science Festival!

Hello, Everyone! My name is Shantasia Jones and I am currently a senior at the Community Charter School of Cambridge. I am currently interning with the Cambridge Science Festival. I find what they do here absolutely astounding because I get to see the different functions of the MIT Museum and how the festival operates. I am truly grateful to have this opportunity of interning at the Cambridge Science Festival because I know that science is all around us on our journey of everyday life, and to learn more about it makes me so excited. One of my personal passions is music – What is the purpose of music? What does it mean for us? What does it mean for the listeners, the audience? As for me, I always listen to music whether I’m doing my homework, on the train, or even doing laundry. Music creates a mood. It gives you… Read More

Welcome to the Robot Zoo!

by Eric  Bender Harvard Microrobotics Lab’s Robobees, MIT Personal Robot Group’s Dragonbot and Olin Robotic Team’s Damn Yankee The Science Carnival that kicks off at noon on Saturday April 18 at Cambridge High School’s field house is sort of like the Big Apple Circus of Science, except that it’s way bigger and free. Okay, there are no trained horses and probably no clowns, but you can walk inside an inflatable gray whale and a 300,000-times-scale model of a human white blood cell at the Carnival. You can also check out demonstrations of everything from deriving your own DNA to 3D-printing your own trinket and from superconducting magnetic levitation to walking a glider. But be sure to save time for the Robot Zoo, which will draw a diverse population of robots and their builders. You can elbow your way through the crowds in the Zoo to find the pioneering firm iRobot… Read More

Cambridge Science Festival 2015!

You may have noticed our programs for the Cambridge Science Festival schedule are online here.  The festival team is excited for the 160+ programs scheduled for April (and very excited for warmth in general). Take a look at the list below for all the festival programs that require pre-registration or tickets. Don’t miss the School Vacation Programs category as well! Programs that require pre-registration or tickets Speaking of Einstein $10, https://speakingofeinstein.eventbrite.com On the Wing: A Celebration of Birds in Music and Spoken Word   Free, RSVP to lectures@hmsc.harvard.edu You’re the Expert  Tickets available at eugenemirmancomedyfestival.com StarTalk Live! with Bill Nye the Science Guy  Tickets available at eugenemirmancomedyfestival.com The Shience of Sherry $39 (gets you a lot of sherry). Space will be limited, so if you’d like to book a spot, please call us at 617 374 0700, or email eat@studyrestaurant.com Volpe Talks: Transportation Ideas Worth Sharing Free, volpetalks.eventbrite.com Exploring Network Science… Read More

Adult Friendly Events

Well, we’ve seen some family-friendly events.  Here are some of the CSF’s adults events distilled into a list for your choosing pleasure. Friday, April 18 Big Ideas for Busy People – 7:30pm (10 speakers get 5 minutes each to share their Big Idea) $10 Saturday, April 19 Science Carnival & Robot Zoo – 12pm (yes, Robot Zoo.) FREE Beyond Pocket Protectors and Flux Capacitors – 6pm (Science in the Movies) FREE Sunday, April 20 Free admission to Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology and the Harvard Museum of Natural History – 9am (Free with a Cambridge Science Festival booklet!) Monday, April 21 Cambridge-Boston Bridge Tours – 10am (Walking tour of Cambridge-Boston bridges with civil engineers) FREE Science of the Modern Cocktail – 5pm (21+, free, registration required) Tuesday, April 22 Vijay Iyer: Embodied Cognition in Music – 4pm (part of Berklee’s Jazz Composition Symposium) FREE Drink Locally – Think Globally!… Read More