Sci. Carnival & Robot Zoo!

Cambridge Rindge & Latin Field House, Cambridge Public Library, Broadway and Ellery Street, Cambridge
Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cost: Free

Walking directions from Harvard Square to Cambridge Public Library (map)

Prepare yourself...for a Carnival of the Sciences!
See, touch, smell, hear, and taste science in new and exciting ways. Are you ready? 

The Organizations Below Will Be On Hand Providing Amazing Activities & Demonstrations!

"e" inc.
Never been to the Rainforest? Well then, Come Visit Ours!

Above Summit LLC
Q&A with expert aerial cinematographers

Acera School
Solve the bridge building challenge!

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
How to float an egg?

American Chemistry Society Chapter from Suffolk University
Chemistry of Color with Milk

ARI Robotics
Come check out student robotics projects.

ART+BIO Collaborative
Explore Biology and Nature though Art making with the ART+BIO Collaborative

Beyond Benign
Find out how sustainable STEM innovations are changing the world!

Biomimicry New England
How we are learning sustainable innovation from nature

Boston College Physics
Superconducting Magnetic Levitation

Boston College Infant and Child Cognition Laboratory
Come check us out and discover what infants, children, and adults understand about numbers and math!

Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (BSCES)
Be a civil engineer and learn how to design a new complex bridge such as the Zakim Bridge!

British International School of Boston
Bugs - the protein of the future - but can you stomach them?

Cambridge Community Development
CitySmart - How can you get around town on bike, foot or bus?
Georgetown University Energy Prize - How much energy can you produce by bike?

Cambridge Community Television
CCTV will build a one person, mobile, live streaming television studio to hold miniature interviews with Science Festival attendants.

Cambridge Energy Alliance
Solar Village!

Cambridge-Yerevan Sister City Association
Renewable energy in Cambridge and Armenia:  what does the future hold?

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Butterfly Flutter!

Cell Press
Entertain your (inner) child with our educational, free coloring books, Coloring with Cell and Neurons at Play, and watch biology in action with our exciting videos, in which scientists explain their groundbreaking research.

Center for Selective C-H Functionalization
Have you ever wondered how molecules are made? Come and step into the exciting world of molecules and the chemistry behind them.

Charles River Analytics
Explore electronics and create circuits using a fun and familiar form of dough.

We propose a collaborative learning activity for multiple children that uses our palm-sized tangible Cellulo robots.

Clark University Physics Department
Fun, hands-on demonstrations of physical phenomena!

Cognitive Development Lab at Tufts University
Hear about our exciting research on how children learn about the world around them!

Communicating Science @ MIT
Volunteers from MIT and other institutions talk about their work and answer questions on science, engineering, and mathematics.

Community Boating
Robot boats! Create algorithms and code for a model boat to sail a course on its own. Also learn about sailing programs on the Charles River available for youth ages 10 – 18 in the summer.

East End House
Create light up circuits out of play dough! We'll give you some tips on how electricity flows, and you do the experimenting! All ages welcome.

East End House & ART+BIO Collaborative
Leave your mark on public art! Join East End House and ART+BIO Collaborative and help complete a painting that celebrates genetic diversity.    

Hands on STEM Activities!

Learn the concept of conductivity via innovative tech and transform a serious scientific subject into a fun and engaging experience.

Einstein's Workshop
Einstein's Workshop is a hands-on science and technology learning center. Stop by our booth and make something fun.

Emagination Computer Camps
Code Your Favorite Color! Use Scratch (a programming language developed by MIT) to choose your favorite color and see how many other people at the fair agree with you!

Empow Studios, Inc.
If you haven’t tried out Virtual Reality gaming, now’s your chance because we’ll be showing how kids at Empow Camp make their own 2D, 3D, and VR games!

Facetopo is a global citizen science project to map the world's faces.

FIRST Robotics
See and play with Robot Athletes who play team sports world wide!
On Demand drone service.

Can you make science easy to understand? Create your own fun science stories, or read some from our gallery.

Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.
Which plants make good neighbors?

Foundations of Complex Life (NASA Astrobiology Institute MIT Team)
All of Earth’s history in sixty seconds—meteorites to dinosaurs to humans—compete with other visitors in a gripping multiplayer computer game!

When it comes to seeing in 3D, two eyes are better than one. Come learn about human vision and the art and science of imaging technologies with Gique. You’ll get to learn how pinhole cameras are made, see a real hologram, take an anaglyph 3D selfie, and also immerse yourself into a virtual reality with Google Cardboard!

Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard.

Greater Boston Chapter of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
Experience Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard and a smart phone!

Come see the innovative sustainable design of Newton North High School's Greengineering program!

Harvard Laboratory for Developmental Studies
We investigate how children perceive and reason about the world around them, and we'll have fun games for kids to play!

Harvard Microrobotics Lab
Come see our tiny robots that fly like insects, robots that can fold themselves up, and robots that are completely soft!

Harvard Museums of Science and Culture
The Science of Running!

Harvard Photonics
Let there be light!

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Hands-on Radio Astronomy!

Hello. My name is Watson.

Inventor Mentor
Come see an impressive array of outdoor science hands-on fun. Make and launch a stomp rocket or bigger air tube rockets.  Experiment with Airzookas launching fog rings, and much more!

Come see cool, practical robots up close!

Interactive music technology exhibits for the whole family!

Journal of Emerging Investigators
Learn about and observe science experiments performed by published JEI authors.

JPods Inc.
Come ride solar-powered mobility!

Jurassic Roadshow
Real fossilized dinosaur footprints from the place they were first found: western Massachusetts!

Kids Brains at MIT
Feeling brainy?  Discover how the brain learns, thinks, and grows through fun, hands-on games brought to you by MIT scientists!

Kiting USA
Explore kites and the aerodynamics that keep them in flight.

Leica Biosystems
Personalized Medicine in Cancer - Companion Diagnostic Development

Lexington Singapore School
Find out more about the unique math approach in Singapore Math for elementary and middle school.

MASS AWIS (Association for Women in Science)
MASS AWIS presents under the IPad microscope

McLean Hospital
Come see how the brain works first-hand.

Meadowscaping for Biodiversity
Pal around with pollinators!

Metropolitan Waterworks Museum
Only tap water delivers!

MIT Battelle Marine Autonomy Lab
Research in the field of marine robotics.

MIT Biological Engineering
Discover biological engineering with cool hands-on activities!

MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Harvard School of Public Health Center for Environmental Health

Ever wonder why some environmental exposures are bad for your health?

MIT Geobiology
Molecular fossil hunting and origins of life

MIT Graduate Materials Council
Learn how liquid nitrogen can be used to make ice cream right in front of your eyes!

MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Come and control the movements of champion robot!

MIT Man Vehicle Lab
Discover what happens to the human body in space and learn about past, present, and future spacesuit designs.

MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare is a website where you learn from the same materials MIT students use in class.

MIT Sea Grant
Drive an underwater robot!

MIT Undergraduate Biochemistry Association
Silly Putty!

Music at the Carnival!

Momenta Pharmaceuticals
Making science fun

Museum of Science
Information on all the Community Access programs that the Museum of Science has to offer

Optics is everywhere, explore how it works!

Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society
Air-Is it really there?

Norwood High School Robotics
Norwood High School Honors Level Robotics students present the models of diabetic pumps they designed, programmed, and built.

People's Sculpture Racing
What is sculpture racing? See images and video of this unique engineering/art/performance genre.

Personal Robots Group at MIT
We design, build, and test social robots that help kids learn!

Pine Village Preschool
Our mission is to educate and nurture each child's individuality within a culturally diverse, bilingual community so that every child develops a true passion for learning and an ability to engage in any environment and community.

Pins & Needles, Northeastern University
eBee is a game where players learn about circuits through a combination of game design, quilting, and e-textiles.

Play-Well TEKnologies
Learn about our STEAM classes using Lego and play with our battletracks!

Registry for Research at Emerson College
Help us to advance science by participating in research into communication at Emerson College!

Rethink Robotics
Come checkout Sawyer, the newest smart, collaborative robot from Rethink Robotics.

Richard Harrington math and art
An awesome hands-on sculpture and light demonstration like nothing you've ever seen.

RiverSmart Communities
Interactive stream table

Sit on a robotic chair that gives no back pain!

RoboAchievement Company LLC
Astronomy Sky Search: Find it to take home a constellation in your pocket!

Science Cheerleader
Come meet the Science Cheerleaders and learn how you can participate in citizen science projects with NASA!

Science Club for Girls
-Please join the Science Club for Girls Interns as they take their research from the lab to the living room with fun, hands-on activities for all ages!
-Our middle school STEMinistas will take you through the design process in a hands-on STEM activity.

Science in the News (SITN)
Science in the News examines the science behind the media reports we hear everyday and brings big discoveries, important data, and scientists themselves to the world at large.

Search for Extraterrestrial Genomes, MIT
Life on Earth and beyond: How extreme can life go and how do we find it?

Shaman Science Club
Quadcopter Drone- Come Play and Learn

Society of Women Engineers
Hands-on engineering with the Boston Society of Women Engineers!

Swing by the STAT ( booth to pick up your reusable folding bag. While you’re there, join us in a science experience to learn how Sharpies can turn a STAT t-shirt into a tie-dye shirt to take home. Also enter our science writing competition for a chance to receive a giveaway!

STEAM school in the CLOUD
Make 'n Take Science/Engineering Gizmos with Mrs.Nic.

STEM Beginnings
Our mission is to introduce STEM learning to young children in a fun way! Come and play with us as we learn how to build bridges using the Engineering Design Process. STEM is fun!

Suffolk University ASBMB Student Chapter
A View of Vitamin C

swissnex Boston
The Cellulo Project

Takeda Oncology
The Takeda Oncology booth will feature our STEAM Ambassador Scientists who will introduce students to the science of cancer and the art of an ancient Japanese legend.

TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School
Make slime with TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School!

TENacious Engineering
Check out the crazy contraptions built for TENacious Engineering, and try building one of your own!

The Nature Conservancy
Wonderful watersheds: Help give fish clean and free-flowing water!

TTT Mentor Program
The TTT Mentors will setup computer programming demonstrations such as Raspberry Pi projects, programming Minecraft Worlds using the Python programming language and a quick reaction game; and, a look at COOL microorganisms through a microscope.

Walkalong Glider Flight School
Surf paper airplanes on a wave of air!

WGBH Digital
WGBH UAS Exploration

From chilly mountains to tropical mangroves or even your own yard, explore plants and animals of ecosystems near and far with fun games and activities from WGBH.

Explore the landscape of North America and the history of life on Earth with new games and interactives from NOVA!

Winchester High School Robotics
Stump the Robot!

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Explore the ocean's biological pump, the role of marine algae in our planet's climate.

WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors
Explore our incredible cosmos - investigate planets, exploding stars, colliding galaxies and more, as seen through the world’s most powerful telescopes - all on your home computer.

WPI Popovic Labs
Biologically inspired robots (legged robots, flapping wings robots), arm and leg exomusculatures, exoskeletons, multimedia VR and teleoperation robotics interfaces, legged “wheelchair” without wheels and advanced orthotic & prosthetic technologies.

WTS / Transportation YOU
Junk Boats! Build a boat from recycled materials.

Young Student Inventors
Brain Controlled Car Racing.

Zoo New England
Join the Zoo to design your own creature and see how it fits in different habitats!