Science Carnival 2014

Cambridge Public Library, 449 Broadway
Saturday, April 19, 2014

Walking directions from Harvard Square to Cambridge Public Library (map)

Prepare yourself...for a Carnival of the Sciences!
See, touch, smell, hear, and taste science in new and exciting ways. Are you ready?  Be sure to join our Science Festival Kick Off at 12:00pm!

The 2014 Science Carnival has 5 themes:


Special Performance: Marvelous Molecules in Play


Use the links above to discover the activities and demonstrations in each! The list is constantly growing so be sure to check back for more additions!



Earth & Space!

Beam me up! Down! Or back in time!

No, we have not yet invented the Star Trek transporter, but maybe you’ll be inspired to after you travel from our own planet to the farthest reaches in outer space while staying in one location! Explore flight, electricity, physics, optics, the ocean, the history of the earth, the flora and fauna of the planet, and how we are jumping off our own water world into the depths of space!


  • Aerial Coverage & Slow Motion Booth by Above Summit

    Boston-based, Above Summit is a film and photography studio specializing in low altitude aerial photographic/video capture via Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Our UAS are safe, intelligent GPS flown drones that deliver state-of-the-art film quality production capable of flying at heights of up to 400 feet. Unlike traditional helicopters of fixed-wing aircrafts, we are able to get within 10 feet of the action. Our multirotors are highly customizable and can be adapted for your specific project needs. From architectural fly throughs to a live feed of a regatta race, the possibilities are endless.

    by: Above Summit



  • What's the Buzz! Learning next to the Queen?

    Ever wonder what it would be like to go to school with bees? Well, we hope to take you as close to that as possible with our observation bee hive that is usually housed in a high school in Boston. Learn how we teach students about bees and integrate art, science, and math into the lesson!

    by: Classroom Hives


  • Optical Demonstrations

    New England is full of technology based on the science of optics. The New England Optical Society will demonstrate the principles behind flat panel displaces to telecommunications to telescopes with our optical demonstration suitcases. We will have our giant kaleidoscope and other hands on demonstrations.

    by: New England Section of the Optical Society of America


  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts H2Wh0a

    Do you know how to bend water or how to turn a jar of water upside down without spilling it? Come and try some fun water experiments with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts and learn why this is possible.

    by: Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts


  • Discovering Physics Through Interactive Exhibits

    Clark University physics students present several hands-on demonstrations that make learning the laws of physics accessible and fun.


  • Earth History in 60 Seconds

    How do we get our heads around the vastness of geological time? How about compressing all of Earth's history into a single minute? Visit our booth and compete with other visitors in a gripping sixty-second contest to guess when a handful of key events in Earth history and evolution - like the origin of life, the extinction of dinosaurs, or the evolution of humans - happened. If this whets your appetite for deep time travel, join us for one of our Walks Through Geologic Time along the Charles River. Find out more at

    by: Foundations of Complex Life (NASA Astrobiology Institute MIT Team)


  • New England Aquarium Touch Tanks

    The New England Aquarium will provide touch tanks of local marine intertidal creatures. Educators will be on hand to engage explorers in taking a closer look to what lives in our backyard. Biofacts, such as shark jaws and/or whale vertebra will be available for exploring as well.

    by: New England Aquarium



  • Mystery Material: Is It Liquid or Solid?

    Visitors will make and explore the unique properties of a non-Newtonian fluid and other fun polymeric materials.


  • Squishy Circuits

    Come learn about electricity: how it flows and how to make it do work. At Squishy Circuits you use homemade play dough that is conductive (it lets electricity through) and insulating (it doesn't) to make your own circuits and turn on lights, buzzers and other electrical devices. Kids of all ages can have some creative fun and learn something along the way!

    by: The Methot Family


  • Exploring the Universe with WorldWide Telescope

    Explore our incredible cosmos - investigate planets, exploding stars, colliding galaxies and more, as seen through the world’s most powerful telescopes - all on your home computer.

    by: WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors Program


  • VISUAL-eyes-ART: Exploring Visual Communication in Nature

    Explore the biology of visual communication with the ART+BIO Collaborative. Create art and learn about the evolution and ecology of signals used by plants and animals in nature.

    by: ART+BIO Collaborative


  • Zoo New England: Animal Diets!

    Are you curious about zoo animal diets? Come discover the fundamentals behind what zoo animals eat and why! Through hands-on activity and interaction we will take a look at the personalized diets of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Learn the science behind animal nutrition and why careful diet planning is so important at the Zoo.

    by: Zoo New England


  • Stories through Time

    Touch real fossils; read the stories rocks tell. Find out about animals and plants that lived in New England in the prehistoric past!

    by: Harvard Museums of Science & Culture


  • Draper Laboratory: Working in Space

    Join the scientists and researchers of Draper Laboratory to learn the science behind the new ways we are going to and working in space!

    by: Draper Laboratory


Lightning Safety on Land and Water

Learn what lightning is and how to protect yourself and your friends. What preparation and knowledge you need to know when a lightning storm approaches and you are going to be in the middle of it. What would a plan to prepare for a 100% lightning safe event look like?


  • Kite Aerodynamics

    See brilliant kites and gain a better understanding of the aerodynamics of flight and the force of wind through experiments and flying demonstrations.

    by: Kiting USA



  • Science Club for Girls: STEM Internship Program

    What do underwater remote operated vehicles, muscular dystrophy, cell phone applications, and plant flowering time have in common? They're all things that our High School STEM Interns are working on this year. Come by the Science Club for Girls STEM Internship booth to find out more!

    by: Science Club for Girls


  • Science Club for Girls Presents: MadSciMag

    The teens of the Science Club for Girls Media Team will present their research in a specific area of science they have chosen to document via video, photo, and news stories.

    by: Science Club for Girls


  • "e" Inc.

    Come join a team, spin the big wheel and play a trivia game about the planet. Trivia Tattoos for correct guesses and animal kootie catchers for all!

    by: "e" inc. - Boston's environment science learning and action center.


Science from Scientists

Explore the amazing world of physics through hands-on demonstrations. We'll discuss basic physics concepts that affect you everyday!

by: Science from Scientists


  • Einstein's Workshop Presents: Hands-on Math

    Come explore interesting math not usually taught in schools, such as tessellations and Penrose tiles!

    by: Einstein's Workshop


  • Jurassic Roadshow

    See and touch real dinosaur footprints that were impressed into the soft mud and clay of what is now the Connecticut River Valley during the Late Triassic / Early Jurassic.

    by: Jurassic Roadshow


Ever wonder what goes on at a micro scale?


Learn about groundbreaking research in microbiology, health, and chemistry. Explore how elements interact, and how we discover cures for diseases that plague the world. There are amazing things currently being explored right here in the Boston area!



  • Dynamic Fluids!

    Did you know cells are 70% water?! When studying biological engineering it is important to consider fluids, like water. Using hands on demonstrations we will illustrate some really cool properties of fluids, such as how fluids move in microscopic environments and importance of thick fluid, polymers in your body- mucus!

    by: EBICS (Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems)


  • Show Me the Chemistry!

    Can you imagine a world without chemistry? Chemistry is everywhere, for everyone, and happening every day. This interactive presentation by Dr. Al Hazari, Director of the Undergraduate Chemistry Labs and a Lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, will include several exciting chemistry activities and demonstrations that ignite curiosity and inspire the lifelong discovery, learning and enjoyment of chemistry, the central science. Common and supermarket substances will be used.

    by: American Chemical Society Northeastern Local Section


  • How Are Cancer Cells Different?

    Enter the world of a scientist as you compare the difference between normal healthy cells and cancer cells.

    by: Takeda Pharmaceuticals



  • Model Organism Zoo

    Mutant flies, rolly worms, zebrafish, oh my! Take a look at what's under our microscopes. Harvard graduate students will show you these and other model organisms that help us learn about genes and diseases.

    by: Science in the News


Pfizer's Blue Slime

Put on a lab coat and work with Pfizer scientists to create blue slime. Use pipettes, combine ingredients and see the magic of science at work!

by: Pfizer


  • What Inquisitive Minds Wanted to Know?

    Student presentations, the result of inquisitive minds answering how, and why questions - the beginning of the practice of a scientific investigation. Come Hear/Interact.

    by: TTT Mentor Program


  • Making Germs Glow

    Ever Wondered why your parents tell you to cover your mouth when you sneeze? Ever wondered why you have to wash your hands before dinner? Come to our table to see the invisible become visible as we explore how germs can travel!

    by: Momenta


  • The Good, The Bad, and the Both!

    Please join Cubist Pharmaceuticals to learn about the unseen world of germs - which are EVERYWHERE! Learn about the differet kinds of germs - some are good, bad or BOTH, how germs spread, and what YOU can do to help stop them from making you sick.

    by: Cubist


  • Cerebella Design: Inspiration Under the Microscope

    What happens when you bring microscopic images from the science lab into the art studio? Join Ariele Faber, founder of Cerebella Design, and find out! You will learn how this textile design company creates biology-inspired apparel with sustainability in mind.

    by: Cerebella Design




No Limits!

What makes you curious?!


Find out by exploring a host of interesting hands on activities that cross the boundaries of scientific disciplines.  Use your brain to guess what is inside mystery containers and try your luck at your own scientific experiment. Make connections with students from around the world, and when it’s all over treat yourself with some liquid nitrogen ice cream and grab a photo at the science rocks photo booth!


  • Become an Energy Superhero!

    Who can be an energy-saving superhero? You can! Come learn about the gizmos and gadgets that help your family to save electricity at home. Adults can get connected with a free home energy assessment and resources about solar power and heating, courtesy of the Cambridge Energy Alliance. Kids can make an energy superhero mask- from recycled materials, of course!

    by: Cambridge Energy Alliance


  • Chalk the Walk: A Visual Pathway of Science+Art

    Join ART+BIO Collaborative artists and biologists for on-site artmaking along the library walkways. Create chalk paintings about the biology of visual communication in plants and animals.

    by: ART+BIO Collaborative


  • How SWEet is Engineering?

    Hands-on engineering with the Boston Society of Women Engineers! Use your engineering skills in this fun activity for you to build and take home!

    by: Society of Women Engineers


  • Liquid N2 Ice Cream!

    Can you make ice cream in five minutes? Get the scoop on how to use liquid nitrogen to make a tasty snack with MIT graduate students!


  • Mindful Eating

    Perception plays a large role in decisions about food. The Cambridge Eating Disorder Center in partnership with the Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory of Columbia University will explore this process. They will also present information regarding signs, symptoms and treatment of eating disorders.


  • Mystery Containers

    East End House's School Age Program offers hands-on, project-based STEM programming in out-of-school time for students in grades K-5. Our booth will feature a number of boxes filled with objects such as batteries, wires, light bulbs, and motors--various components of circuits. Each container will have wires protruding from the box, and similar objects will be available on the table outside of the containers. Participants will be given the challenge of discovering what objects are inside of the containers without opening them. This can be done using observation and experimentation with the available objects to complete circuits. Participants will test what they already know about electricity and deepen their knowledge through experimentation.

    by: East End House


Sister-City Schools Share Their Science Projects

Whether it's planting trees or making robots, students in Yerevan, Armenia will share with us their projects by video and Skype.

by: Cambridge-Yerevan Sister City Association


  • Release your inner scientist

    We’re here to show that science is accessible, and so is science publishing! Curious about something, but not sure how to test it? Intimidated by the idea of writing up your work, and sending it in for publication? Stop by our booth to learn about the exciting work being published at the Journal of Emerging Investigators, with hands on demonstrations of creative experiments middle and high school kids are doing around the country. Participate in our science article scavenger hunt to discover what goes into a scientific paper, and how they are organized. Find out how you can publish your research in JEI today.

    by: The Journal of Emerging Investigators


  • Bright Horizons Early Education and Preschool Science Rocks Photo Booth

    Capture your Carnival experience and the excitement of your young scientists at Bright Horizons' Science Rocks themed photo booth. Stop by with the whole family!

    by: Bright Horizons Early Education and Preschool


  • Cambridge Recycling/Composting

    Waste prevention and recycling are critical to lessening the effects of climate change and protecting our waterways. Energy is used to mine, extract, harvest, process, transport, and manufacture raw materials. Making products using recycled rather than virgin material saves substantial energy in virtually every case. Recycling preserves forests, which absorb the greenhouse gas, CO2. By recycling paper and cardboard and composting yard waste and food scraps, we reduce methane, a greenhouse gas emitted from landfills.


  • Future Scientists and Engineers at Northeastern University!

    The Center for STEM Education invites students and families to explore science and engineering fields through several hands-on STEM activities and challenges!

    by: Center for STEM Education at Northeastern University


  • Citizen Science with SciStarter

    SciStarter is your one-stop-shop for real science we can do, together. Stop by our booth and help scientists study the sun with NOVA Labs; learn more about the meaning of words with MIT's Games With Words; explore tools that monitor the environment around us with Public Lab; map eye neurons with MIT's EyeWire; and study microbe growth rates with Project MERCCURI!

    by: SciStarter



  • The Innovation Institute Visits the Street!

    The Innovation Institute is an after school and weekend science and engineering academic enrichment program for students in grades K-11. We are a vibrant learning community that focuses on the "how's" and "why's" stimulating critical thinking through hands-on investigation and design.

    by: The Innovation Institute


  • Science of Silly Putty!

    Make your own silly putty! The MIT Undergraduate Biochemistry Association will provide materials and teach the science behind the fun and unusual properties of silly putty!

    by: MIT Undergraduate Biochemistry Association


  • The Power of Font

    Fonts may seem like nothing more than the clothes that words wear, but they actually play a crucial role in how our brains process information. Swing by Gique's Typography booth to learn about the art & science of creating fonts! Play interactive iPad games, create your own font by hand, and enter for a chance to win our free raffle!

    by: Gique.Me


  • Come See What Technology Learning AND Summer Camp Fun is All About!

    Emagination Computer Camps, located at Bentley University in Waltham, offers two-week overnight and day camp sessions for kids and teens that combine technology learning with fun summer camp activities. Emagination also offers two summer STEM programs just for teens -- Minecraft Xtreme Camp and Game Design Camp.

    by: Emagination Computer Camps


  • Mind Games

    Sneakers to Beakers is an afterschool program consisting of a multicultural curriculum of Sports & STEM.  We invite CSF guests to visit our table for "Mind Games".   The role psychology plays in Sports.

    *Be sure to come by at 2pm for a special Skype appearance by Dan Harris of ABC News! He will be speaking and answering questions about how he uses meditation to overcome stress on-air!

    At link to Dan's book can be found here

    by: Sneakers to Beakers


  • Bouncing Balls with BSB

    Using the wonders of chemistry, visitors will have the opportunity to make their very own bouncy ball with just a few simple household ingredients. Watch in amazement as mixing two liquids can create a bouncy solid!

    by: British School of Boston
    Balloon Animals & Psychology!

    Come make balloon animals and learn about psychology research, and even participate in a scientific study!

    by: Child Labs at Boston University

Game Corner!

Time to Play!


Expand your idea of what it means to be a gamer by playing, programing and learning how games are made! Test your wits against one of the greatest gamers of all time, “Watson” the IBM computer featured on Jeopardy! Learn how humans learn, and how our brains work using interactive games and activities!


  • Chess Mates

    Robots and humans playing chess together!

    by: Vecna


  • Meet XBOX One!

    Meet XBOX One and experience Kinect Sports Rivals Kinect Sports Rivals re-imagines your favorite sports and delivers new sports not possible before. Carve waves in Wake Racing or climbing towering cliffs and take aim at Target Shooting. Fans of the world’s game will love a new Soccer, while anyone can get on the ball with Tennis and Bowling. There’s always a new competition to enter. It’s a world full of sports that everyone will enjoy.

    by: Microsoft


  • Boston Children's Hospital Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience

    Come try our brain puzzle, IPad games, and other brain teasers! We will also have information about our studies and the opportunity to join our participant registry.

    by: Boston Children's Hospital Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience


  • TestTubeGames Booth

    Come play the latest science creations from local game studio TestTubeGames. Make a whirling solar system, solve particle physics puzzles, or fly through electric fields in these browser and mobile games.

    by: TestTubeGames


  • Mineways: From Minecraft to Reality

    Anything you build in the computer game "Minecraft" you can make become real. Create something in Minecraft, then see it manufactured on a 3D printer.

    by: The Guild of World Printers


  • LED Art!

    Do you like art, colored lights, and/or science? We will be creating designs using LEDs! You can come by and create your own masterpieces using different colored LEDs while also learning the basic idea behind circuits. So be sure to stop by for some fun LED Art!

    by: MIT Society of Women Engineers


  • Living Laboratory: Ask! Play! Learn!

    Come and play with fun, interactive demonstrations of research methods used by psychologists who study child development in the Museum of Science’s Living Laboratory.

    by: National Living Laboratory, Museum of Science


  • MakerState Pop Up STEAM Activity for Children

    MakerState creates game-based learning labs to promote and encourage hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) learning opportunities for kids in schools and communities. At the Science Festival we will present a collection of short (5 to 20 minute) walk-in activities for kids and parents in a pop-up booth at the festival. These engineering and design challenges are tailored for kids ages 6-9. MakerState staff offer hands-on instruction. Previous MakerState pop-up challenges have included Lego robot building, storytelling with stop-motion animation and flip books, video game creation using the Scratch programming system for kids, and electronics experimentation with squishy circuits.

    by: MakerState


  • Lab for Developmental Studies at Harvard University

    Here at the Lab for Developmental Studies at Harvard, we investigate how young infants and children perceive and reason about the world around them. Stop by and talk with our researchers about current research, find out how your child can participate in studies at the lab, or have your child try out the "inequity game." The inequity game focuses on how children develop a sense of fairness, and how they make decisions about divisions of resources. In this study, children are asked to either accept or reject a division of candy (Skittles) between themselves and another child. Some rounds will have equal splits of candy (one piece to each child) and others will have unequal splits (one piece to one child and four pieces to the other).

    by: Lab for Developmental Studies at Harvard University


  • Are You CitySmart?

    Learn how to get around town without getting behind the wheel in a fun, exciting setting! Play games, win prizes, and get CitySmart. Ever been up against a Gas Hog? Well try your hand at getting angry (birds?!) at those pollutants!

    by: City of Cambridge Community Development Department


  • Abracadabra: Website Magic with Women's Coding Collective

    We'll take you behind the scenes and show you how lines of code come together to produce your favorite websites.

    by: Women's Coding Collective


  • Hello, Watson

    Test your wits against Watson, the IBM computer featured on the popular quiz show Jeopardy!


  • Play-Well TEKnologies

    Since 1997, Play-Well TEKnologies has been focused on learning through play. When kids are at play, they explore the world. When kids create, they express themselves. And when kids build, they solve problems. In 2012, our hands-on, engineer-designed curriculum helped over 80,000 kids build on the math and science skills learned in school, all through the medium of LEGO.

    by: Play-Well TEKnologies


  • The Counting Kingdom

    Come play The Counting Kingdom and defend the land from invading monsters! The Counting Kingdom is an educational game for kids 7+ where players practice their addition skills by using math to cast magical spells. Kids play as the Apprentice, a brave young wizard learning the secrets of math magic. Monsters have swept into the kingdom and surrounded all the castles, and players must set out on a journey to rescue them one by one using their math skills. The game will release for iOS and PC late spring.

    by: Little Worlds Interactive


  • Tumblehome Learning

    Join us for cool math and science games for the whole family! Tangrams will let you make beautiful designs and figures using only 7 plastic shapes. With Virus Wars, you can give your parents, brothers, and sisters diseases while trying to build your own immunity so you can fight the diseases they try to give you! Mixing In Math Blockade & Other Board Games can show how skilled you are in logical and spatial thinking

    by: Tumblehome Learning, Inc.


  • Lean Startup Snowflakes

    This is a game that simulates the discovery process that's vital in a start-up business. Each group of players (together at their table) makes paper snowflakes, which are then “bought” by the facilitator as a “customer”. This game also brings out neurological science findings on collaboration and group intelligence

    by: Agile New England


  • East End House

    Showcasing various hands-on, STEM-focused games youth in East End House’s Middle School Program have created; this will include sharing the game design and engineering insights that the youth have discovered throughout the process.  Participating youth will be led through discovery-based learning to design, prototype, and produce games that engage STEM concepts in an age-appropriate and fun way. 

    by: East End House


  • Swiss Gaming Corner

    Located at swissnex, 420 Broadway, across the street from the Library!

    swissnex Boston is thrilled to showcase the lastest video games, interactive storytelling and augmented reality tools from Switzerland. In collaboration with the University of Art and Design in Geneva (HEAD), we have curated a broad variety of games designed by students and alumni of HEAD. Come, explore and play as long as you wish!

    by: swissnex Boston


Robot Zoo!

It’s back!!


The Robot Zoo is back for its 2nd year. You’ve been to the Franklin Park Zoo and the Roger Williams Zoo, but have you ever visited a Robot Zoo?! Explore amazing robotics technology and activities from organizations throughout Massachusetts, the United States, and the World! You definitely don’t want to miss this!


  • Lego Robotics with Empow Studios

    Take LEGOs to a new level!

    by: Empow Studios


  • Chess Mates

    Robots and humans playing chess together! *Note: Vecna will be located in the Game Corner area of the upstairs gym!

    by: Vecna


  • Norwood High School Honors-Level Robotics

    Norwood High School Honors-Level Robotics students demonstrate the operation of their models of diabetic pumps. These students learn about the causes, long terms effects of, and treatments for Diabetes from a registered nurse (R.N.) at Norwood High School. They then have to apply robotic principles to design their own model of a pump to be worn by a teenager with Diabetes. The pump must calculate the correct number of units of insulin required based on 5 variables, administer the dose, and also have safeguards built-in to prevent overdosing.


  • Robot Insects

    Come see robot bugs and other bio-inspired robots.


  • US FIRST Robotics

    Robot exhibits of teams ranging from our FLL, FTC, and FRC programs. FIRST programs range from K2-12th grade. For more information please visit the link below!

    by: US FIRST Robotics


  • WPI Popovic Labs

    Popovic Labs specializes in biologically inspired robots and focuses on the design of novel actuation methods utilizing elastic, magnetic, and flexible materials.

    by: Popovic Labs


  • Micro Robot Engineering

    Be a micro-robot engineer, and take home your self-designed toy robot, such as a motorized BugBot or BrushBot or SnakeBot!

    by: Mrs. Nic's Academia



  • Good Drones!

    Military Drone Technology turned into efficient and safe farming implements!

    by: Farmskies


  • Harvard Biodesign Lab

    Soft, squishy robots that can crawl around, grip things, and even be worn!

    by: Harvard Biodesign Lab



  • NuVu Studio Robotics

    Robots built by local high school students.

    by: NuVu Studio


  • Humanoid Robot

    NAO is a fully programmable humanoid robot for generating and accelerating student's interest in robotics.

    by: Aldebaran Robotics


  • iRobot

    Come be inspired by our cool, practical robots!

    by: iRobot


  • Tabletop Autonomous Robot

    Designed, built, and programmed by students from the Winchester High School Robotics Team. The robot searches for, retrieves, sorts, and stacks objects. See if you can fool the robot!

    by: Winchester High School


  • Submersible Robots

    Ever wanted to try your hand at driving an underwater vehicle? Here's your chance!

    by: MIT Sea Grant


  • BU College of Engineering Inspiration Ambassadors

    Come learn, draw, and play with robots!

    by: BU Inspiration Ambassadors


  • WPI Robotics

    WPI robotics engineers will demonstrate many robots from smart wheelchairs to space exploration rovers, from telepresence robots to humanoids.

    by: WPI Robotics



  • Robo-Cheetah

    The robot is a design inspired on nature's counterpart to try and rival its efficiency, agility and speed for land locomotion. It's a 70lb robotic cheetah capable of running up to 6 m/s imitating the animal's gait.

    by: MIT Biomimetic Robotics Lab


  • Micro-Scale Robots

    Come see micro-scale insect-inspired robots that fly and crawl, as well our soft and printable robotics!

    by: Harvard Microrobotics Lab


  • National Robotics League

    These robots are designed to destroy, but their student creators are building a future for themselves in a variety of STEM related disciplines. Stop buy to find out how you can join them.

    by: National Robotics League


  • If Only There Was a Way to Throw Yoga Balls...

    One robot is a frisbee tosser. The other is a robot that throws and picks up a yoga ball!

    by: CRLS Robotics Team


  • MathWorks

    Test out your ideas with MATLAB and Simulink and with a touch of a button move them to the robot platform of your choice!

    by: MathWorks


Underwater Exploring Robot

The Bluefin 9M is a robot that explores under the water. Come see how to operate this two-man-portable autonomous underwater vehicle with a mission turnaround time of less than 15 minutes.

by: Bluefin Robotics


Synthetic Muscle

Ras Labs Synthetic MuscleTM – electroactive polymer based materials that contract and expand – are providing for extremely innovative designs – a new way of thinking about and configuring motion for futuristic mobility by air, land, sea, and space.

by: Ras Labs


Tele-Presence Robotics

VGo Robotic Tele-Presence System allows you to be two places at one time.

by: VGo


Robotic Sailboat!

We have built a fully autonomous sailboat to compete in the International Robotic Sailing Competition and as a first step towards a transatlantic voyage.

by: Olin Robotic Sailing Team




  • Marvelous Molecules in Play

    Location: Cabridge Library Auditorium


    Science demonstrations geared toward middle school aged children that are designed to entertain and inspire. Experiments and demonstrations might include the combustion of elements, a smoking chemical transformation, hot potato carbon dioxide balloons, a colorful chemical reaction, playing with liquid oxygen, and other inspirational demonstrations.


    Two Shows: 12:30pm and 2:00pm. Each of the shows lasts about one hour.

    by: MIT Chemistry Department & MIT Alumni Association/ Club of Boston