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Adult Friendly Events

Well, we’ve seen some family-friendly events.  Here are some of the CSF’s adults events distilled into a list for your choosing pleasure.
Friday, April 18
Big Ideas for Busy People – 7:30pm (10 speakers get 5 minutes each to share their Big Idea) $10
Saturday, April 19
Science Carnival & Robot Zoo – 12pm (yes, Robot Zoo.) FREE
Beyond Pocket Protectors and Flux Capacitors – 6pm (Science in the Movies) FREE
Sunday, April 20
Free admission to Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology and the Harvard Museum of Natural History – 9am (Free with a Cambridge Science Festival booklet!)
Monday, April 21
Cambridge-Boston Bridge Tours – 10am (Walking tour of Cambridge-Boston bridges with civil engineers) FREE
Science of the Modern Cocktail – 5pm (21+, free, registration required)
Tuesday, April 22
Vijay Iyer: Embodied Cognition in Music – 4pm (part of Berklee’s Jazz Composition Symposium) FREE
Drink Locally – Think Globally! – 5:45pm (beer & climate change) $10
Story Collider – 8pm (live storytelling at Davis Square Theatre) $12

Wednesday, April 23

Across MIT – 9:30am (Nuclear Research, AeroAstro, Trivia, Oh my!) FREE
Thursday, April 24
Carbonic Maceration Demo + Tasting – 5pm (science of wine!) FREE
High-speed Photography – From Edgerton to Oefner – 6pm FREE
Young Innovators Happy Hour – 6pm, 21+ Free entry, Cash bar
Friday, April 25
The Science of Jello – 11am, 1pm, or 3pm FREE
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in One Act with Clover Food Lab, Mystic Brewery, and Backyard Farms – 6pm FREE (talks followed by reception at Clover Kendall)
DeScience – Research on the Runway – 6pm (fashion design and science) FREE

Saturday, April 26
SciFest Block Party – 12pm (followed by after party at Aeronaut Brewery)
Space Day: MIT at the Final Frontier – 1pm (space suits, ion thrusters, exoplanets) FREE
Sunday, April 27
Central Elements Open House – 12pm (artists, scientists, chemical elements & molecules) FREE

Autonomous Fighting Robots: Final Competition – 1pm (Come see robots destroy each other within a bullet-proof arena) FREE

See 100+ more events in the CSF Event Index.
The Cambridge Science Festival runs April 18-27, 2014.

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